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Foot and Ankle

The human foot is a very complex structure with 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments and muscles working together to achieve a unique combination of stability and flexibility. Problems can arise in any of these specialized structures, especially with active adults.

Pima Ortho’s Foot and Ankle Specialists

Since 1984, Pima Ortho’s foot and ankle specialists who are trained in treating even the most complex foot and ankle conditions. They apply the most current methods of diagnosis and treatment available, including the latest medications, braces and orthotics. If surgery is necessary, they use leading-edge, minimally invasive procedures that reduce a patient’s hospital stay and recovery time. Some of these groundbreaking surgeries include Tightrope bunion surgery, limb realignment, diabetic foot reconstruction, cartilage replacement and total ankle replacement.

The foot and ankle specialists at Pima Ortho are also very involved in research, especially in the areas of biologics, adult reconstruction, rheumatoid arthritis, industrial injuries, sports medicine, diabetes and biomechanics. Advancements in surgical techniques, prosthesis design, and rehabilitation mean that conditions once considered debilitating can be effectively treated today.

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